‘A busy first day at EXPO REAL’

EXPO REAL opened its doors in Munich yesterday and Real Asset Media’s International Investors Lounge (Nova A3.312) attracted a lot of attention. While investors, analysts and industry professionals met over coffee and networked it held meetings in the rooms and areas provided in the Lounge, delegates and passers-by listened to some of the best industry experts share their insights and talk about prospects for the market.

A very busy International Investors Lounge (Nova A3.312) running a session on Senior Living

It was a busy first day for the International Investors Lounge, with 8 different events taking place in quick succession. They ranged from the future of retail, which is much brighter than many doomsayers seem to believe, to prospects for the office sector, which now sees Germany as the number one investment target in Europe.

The panel on residential focused on the many opportunities offered by lifecycle investments, while a briefing devoted to senior housing explored the potential across Europe of a nascent asset class driven by demographic trends.

The Innovation, Proptech & Data event drew a large crowd of people eager to hear about how best to analyse, evaluate, use and share the mountain of data now available.

The fast-growing city of Porto was the focus of another event to find out the opportunities it offers and explain why it has attracted so many international companies.

The long day ended with a presentation on investment opportunities in the CEE region.

That was yesterday, but today is another day at EXPO REAL and the International Investors Lounge will host another 8 events that will range from big themes like Logistics to specialist subjects like the valuation of carbon performance to a session devoted to the market of the host country – Germany’s real estate sector. 

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