Multi-family matures into a global asset class

Atlas said it plans to incorporate its institutional standard practises into the UK and China, for which the fund will be weighted 15% and 20%, respectively, with the balance in the US.

This milestone development will be discussed at our European Residential Investment Briefing on Wednesday afternoon at TaylorWessing London headquarters.

The residential sector has become a magnet for investors interested in European real estate. Shortage of housing has become a common feature in most European cities, with Governments and local authorities coming up with different responses to the challenge. The unstoppable urbanisation trend is exacerbating the problem.

Reserve your free seat at the event – to be held between 15:30 and 18:00 at TaylorWessing UK’s headquarters at 5 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3TW.

Additional topics to be covered include:

What are the main trends, strategies and opportunities?

How are developers responding?

How is Build to Rent developing in different countries?

To what extent has US-Style multi-housing found a foothold in Europe?

Meanwhile, sectors that were once niche, like student housing and micro-living, have become mainstream and are attracting significant amounts of capital.

What are the prospects for further growth?

How have the sector’s success stories overcome operational challenges?

What about senior living?

What are the prospects for mixed-use developments in inner cities?

Which European countries or cities offer the best opportunities?

Lisbon and residential were both high on the PwC/ULI Trends report on investor intentions; what are the opportunities and the local market trends?

How does this compare with the UK and main continental European markets?

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