Octopus student survey: better accommodation makes for higher grades

The research, conducted by FTI Consulting’s strategy & research team surveyed 1,105 UK-based students, aged between 18 to 25 years old during 30 April to 9 May 2019, identified five key priorities for students, the often-overlooked end customer in sector estimated to be valued at more than £50 billion by year-end.

In today’s article, we consider the first key finding: students’ view on the importance of accommodation in creating the right environment for academic success. Octopus’ research shows a correlation between PBSA and academic results.

Students in PBSA are 26% more likely to report top grades in their first year of university, than those living in halls of residence, according to the research. This trend continues as students’ progress through each year of university. In addition, six out of 10 students surveyed believe that “staying in different accommodation would have helped me achieve higher grades.”

Gavin Eustace, head of residential development at Octopus Real Estate, explains:

“Those who lived in PBSA are more likely to report top grades. Similarly, many post-graduates feel that they should have chosen different accommodation for higher results.

“It’s clear that UK-based students recognise the role of PBSA in how much they enjoy university and how well they do in their degree. As a result, they have very specific requirements when it comes to choosing where they live.

“Students want space and privacy to study, a technology-enabled environment, and facilities that enhance their independence and wellbeing. Developers who can meet these requirements will be well placed to capitalise on student demand

“Students face uncertainty, including higher debt and a tough job market. The average student in England will graduate with debts of over £50,000.1 As a result, many students have a strong focus on their final grade. They are also aware of the impact that accommodation can have on learning and results.”

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