Event: ‘The Green agenda is right at the top now’

Sustainability and wellness are no longer just the cherry on top of the cake but must be an integral part of the mix, delegates heard at Real Asset Media’s Future of Logistics Real Estate investment briefing, which was held in Munich in June.

Andy Harding, Head of Industrial & Logistics, JLL UK, Raimund Paetzmann, Vice President Corporate Real Estate, Zalando SE, Buddy Roes, Managing Director, Northern Europe, Logicor and Ingo Steves, Managing Director, Gazeley North Europe discuss future trends in the Logistics Real Estate Market.

‘Sustainability is a goal that is woven into every aspect of the supply chain, from the packaging to the solar panels on all our buildings,’ said Raimund Paetzmann, Vice President Corporate Real Estate, Zalando. ‘We are prepared to pay more to achieve it, because sustainability trumps everything for us’. 

It is part of future-proofing the business and the assets, he said: ‘Logistics is a utility now and it needs to be made efficient. There are things on the horizon that we cannot see yet, so optimising efficiency in the system in line with the Green agenda is everyone’s responsibility now’.

Developers and landlords will have to start thinking about their buildings with those goals in mind, said Andy Harding, Head of Industrial and Logistics, JLL UK: ‘The International WELL Building Institute has set out 8 WELL concepts and I think we are getting to the point when there is a new focus on the environment and some form of accreditation will be needed’.

The Green agenda is ‘right at the top now,’ he said. ‘Sustainability is being taken to the next level and it includes a better environment for the workforce as well’.

Sustainability and wellness go hand in hand, as landlords and companies also have to provide better amenities for their tenants and workers, who are becoming more discerning.

Once again Asia is leading the way, Harding said: ‘In Singapore the buildings have gyms, nice restaurants and gardens to relax in. It is linked to the major problems they have with staff retention. Pay is roughly the same so they have to provide extras in order to attract and retain workers. A good environment, a large gym or discounted restaurant can be a game-changer’.

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