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Retail is very much a part of everyone’s life. It faces the challenge of adapting to modern living, just as it always has done. Leisure, eating and drinking are taking a more important role in our retail destinations and customer experience is key to success.

Living and retail are also increasingly seen together as the trend for mixed-use development creates vibrant, fun, colourful destinations and spaces where the quality of life is driven by creating and curating shopping, leisure, restaurants, bars and cafes.

In Living Retail, we aim to reflect these trends. In the launch issue, we interview Multi Corporation’s charismatic Josip Kardun, who shares his views on the challenges and opportunities of managing retail in a changing world. “There is pressure in the sector, but there is also opportunity,” he says. “The issue is we are going through a colossal change and the outcome is not mathematically certain. It is not completely definable which makes a lot of people nervous – which is understandable, but it leaves opportunity.”

Living Retail #1, Cover

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We also share the insights of Meyer Bergman, SES and Thor Equities on creating destinations both within shopping centres and in urban areas and neighbourhoods. In addition, we look at the opening of pop-up store FÖMO and highlight a number of growing brands, including J.J. Vittorio at the Olfactory NYC, who is using customisation to bring a unique, instagrammable, experience for visitors to their Mott Street store in New York.

Michael Harrison of Gravity Active Entertainment puts the case for leisure as the “new anchor” for shopping centres and Barry Cox of Pradera shares insights on some of the keys to success for leisure operators and landlords.

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