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Well-being is key to future-proof offices

Tomáš Jurdák, Partner, Head of Real Estate, MiddleCap

With sustainability and technology a ‘must have’ for prime buildings today, Tomáš Jurdák, Partner, Head of Real Estate at MiddleCap tells the Real Estate Day that their focus is on creating additional value in terms of well-being.

‘We have natural light in the secondary spaces like staircases and toilets and openable windows in all our buildings, so people have their choice to open the window and have fresh air.’

These elements may seem very basic but Jurdák sees this as ‘future-proofing’ buildings at the design stage and an important element in ‘helping to fight the Covid-19 virus’.

In terms of strategy, Middlecap has a focus on prime office locations as accessibility is a key factor ‘you have the public transport, you have the concentration of offices which makes
the area attractive.

However, part of the strategy is to also be more opportunistic, Jurdák says the firm is ‘trying to see new upcoming locations, which are not discovered yet’ based on the transport infrastructure existing and the concentration of other businesses in the area.

You can watch full interview or alternatively download and listen as a podcast: