‘We are enabling a very convenient and very flexible experience’

Aaron Markowitz Shulman, Executive Vice President Strategy & Finance, Dropit

Innovation and technology can help deliver the best possible experience that customers now value and expect, Aaron Markowitz Shulman, Executive Vice President Strategy & Finance, Dropit, told Real Estate Day.

Dropit is a hands-free shopping solution, a new app that allows shoppers to have all the items they have bought picked up from the store and delivered to their home or hotel room. 

Customers can go to their favourite stores, choose their items, complete their transaction and then leave their goods at the point of sale and have them all delivered later that day or the next day nationwide in the UK.

‘We are enabling an experience that is very convenient and very flexible and fits in well with the needs of today’s consumers,’ he said. ‘It also helps retailers and landlords create the best possible experience for their guests, thereby driving up transaction value’.

The company has grown fast since its debut in London at the end of 2016.

‘We launched in the West End with a handful of stores and we now operate with over 130 different brands in Central London alone,’ Markowitz Shulman said. ‘The last twelve months in particular have been a very exciting time, as we also launched in Las Vegas in the US and at Wembley Stadium with designer outlets’.

This year is bringing more growth and launches in new markets, he predicted.

‘We have seen great enthusiasm right across the industry for the innovation that Dropit has brought,’ he said. ‘It reflects the evolution that is taking place in the sector and the increasing recognition of the importance of delivering the best possible customer experience and the best possible service to clients, improving the relationship with them’.

What technology and innovation are now allowing, as the Dropit app shows, is ‘the possibility of following the customer’s journey from beginning to end, from before they arrive to when they are on site to when they go back home or to their hotel’. 

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