ULI Conference: Young leaders set to push at their boundaries

A key element of the ULI’s European Conference, which opens in Brussels tomorrow, is the Young Leaders and NEXT Forum whose theme “Real estate is dead…long live real estate” will explore the transformational events to which property must adapt in the future.

“We are looking for Young Leaders and NEXT members to start to think about the future, about emerging trends, and not just talk about what they are but how to achieve them,” said Imogen Thompson, Director of Planning, AEC.

“The forum is very much a look at the past and the current situation in order to look forward and in order to challenge what is being done and improve that train of thought,” she explained to Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts.

The speaker line-up includes: IWG’s Mark Dixon; Allianz Real Estate CEO & CIO François Trausch; Marie Puybaraud, global head of research for JLL Work Dynamics;   Coen van Oostrom, founder and CEO of EDGE; and Ger Baron is the Chief Technology Officer of the City of Amsterdam.

“It’s a really exciting line-up and the topics that these speakers will be discussing are all about challenging perspectives,” said Thompson.

“We have public and private sector coming together, talking about funding challenges and what speakers think about emerging trends and what is and isn’t working. We’re really digging into the challenges and opportunities, the successes and, most importantly, the failures of what the industry has been doing.

“We want to challenge young leaders to think about how to push the boundaries in innovative ways that help to achieve better results for projects, better results for communities and better results for people.”

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