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Spanish infrastructure plays to advantages in push to net zero

Spain has several natural advantages in the race to achieve net zero carbon, notably it has ample sun, wind and available land.

These are advantages that investment manager Azora’s infrastructure team was able to exploit to the full in the recent deal with Italian energy company Eni.

“Clearly investing in renewables in Spain is now a priority for many companies and I think the timing is right for Spain for different reasons,” Azora’s head of infrastructure Santiago Olivares points out.

“We have the natural resources both in solar and in wind and also we have the land – these projects require substantial land plots,” Olivares told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts.

Because Azora has a portfolio of projects at different stages, not only will Eni be producing power from day one, but Azora will be able to help with its ambitious future expansion plans.

“They want to have more than five gigawatts by 2025 and that will require additional projects, so we will help them in increasing that capacity.”

Click on the video above to watch the full interview or listen to the podcast below.