Software can help real estate companies be ESG-compliant

The big challenge for many companies is bringing sustainability and health & wellness together in order to prove they are ESG-compliant and in order to do this they have to gather information and data from different sources, Paul Wessels, Founder, Blue Module, told Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts.

With regulatory pressure increasing and a massive certification drive underway, transparency has become a must, Wessels said, and that’s why he has founded Blue Module. The company has developed powerful software that helps gather and sort out all the information companies need to provide to monitor and prove their compliance with ESG regulations.

Tenants are increasingly aware of issues around sustainability and make sure that landlords do not ignore them, said Wessels, who is also Chairman of the RICS Research & Innovation Working Group and member of the RICS Europe Sustainability Working Group. “There is increasing pressure from the occupiers on the owners to open up a dialogue and move ahead with ESG”, he said.

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