Small town co-living model for seniors has financial advantage

French senior care specialist Clariane – formerly Korian – is developing a co-living model in France and Germany.

The company already has two partnerships in France and is on track for a similar result in Germany according to group chief real estate and development officer Frédéric Durousseau.

He describes the model: “Equity partnership in order to develop quickly in little towns of let’s say 3,000 to 10,000 inhabitants.”

He said that, as in France, there are “white spots” in Germany where demand exceeds supply but for which there has as yet been no investment.

“So that will be our focus for the next, let’s say, 18 months,” Durousseau said.

In France the model is to provide a building for eight to twelve residents with two such houses per site.

“At the same spot you can benefit from all the care and all the services that you need, so that’s typically less expensive than home care or a nursing home,” Durousseau said.

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