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SHHA looks at changes needed to healthcare in post-Covid era

The covid health crisis put senior housing and healthcare in the spotlight, but as the worst of the pandemic subsides issues that have arisen in the meantime need to be examined.

One such issue is finding ways to future-proof nursing home facilities. “It’s about new concepts,” said Ron van Bloois, chair of the Senior Housing and Healthcare Association.

He added that another focus is finding ways to enable seniors to live in their homes for longer. Talking to Sylwia Ziemacka, van Bloois said the sector’s emerging markets such as the Baltics and CEE are now looking to share best practices in these areas.

He said that the main purpose of the two-year old SHHA is to create a multi-stakeholder platform combining investors’, operators’ and and banks’ perspectives to share knowledge and perspectives and to create a mature investment market.

One key is “to empower operators and exchange knowledge,” he said.  Operators provide the link to discover the changing wants and needs of consumers. “In the end it’s about people’s lives,” he said.