SHHA is helping provide directions on road to Paris

Despite the current challenging economic conditions a lot of capital expenditure is needed to put the stock of senior housing and healthcare assets on the road to Paris.

So says Senior Housing & Healthcare Association chair Ron van Bloois. “When you need a capex discussion it’s all about the collaboration between the operator and the investor, like tackling the split incentive issue,” van Bloois said.

He also pointed out that a holistic approach is needed too because in tackling the environmental aspects it is important to distinguish them from the social impact.

“I think that’s also what we were trying to highlight at EXPO Real, the social impact discussion. What are we measuring? Who is doing the measuring and also what kind of effect do we see on the valuation? That was an interesting discussion.”

The SHHA was founded in 2020 and is now mature enough to adopt a more policy making advisory role for example, for the EU commission, he said.

The SHHA can also be a thought leader and can provide direction on the operational and social impact sides, relating the theoretical to the daily practice.

“The colourful SHHA, where we have investors operators and other stakeholders in one family is a great value proposition and can define solutions in different asset classes because it’s not one box,” van Bloois said.

“It’s senior, more independent living, all the way to assisted living and nursing homes. Those are sub-asset classes, so we need to have a very clear definition of what we are talking about and make distinctions between countries and legislations to create a holistic approach to 2050, where we tackle the ‘E’ we tackle the ‘S’ and also on governance. It’s important to highlight the impact for society because aging demographics affects us all and the SHHA is ready to help.”