Scottish cities engage with private sector to target net zero

The transition to net zero carbon is a focal point for all of the cities in the Scottish Cities Alliance, as the alliance’s chairman, Councillor John Alexander, who is also leader of Dundee City Council, explained to Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts.

Whether it is the development of hydrogen technology, use of data or creation of low emission zones, there are now a number of tangible responses to the climate change crisis across all the cities in the alliance.

Alexander’s own city, Dundee, has drawn up a climate action plan that has been endorsed by key partners in the public and private sectors and including the universities and the National Health Service in the region.

The plan considers vehicle usage in particular but Alexander said that it is a question of thinking broadly: if for example a university is installing new boilers, could these also be the basis of a district heating scheme that goes beyond the campus?

Engaging the private sector is the key, Alexander said, outlining how tyre producer Michelin was one such company that has been at the centre of the redevelopment of a 32 hectare site in the city.

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