Scotland faces demand wave as new technologies emerge

Advanced manufacturing is a new source of demand for real estate in the Glasgow area. There had previously been little awareness of some of the newly emerging sectors but they are beginning to have a significant effect on the property markets in Scotland,

“I don’t think people really know that Glasgow is one of the main manufacturers of satellites and space vehicles, space batteries and rockets in the UK,” said Paul Broad, director, sales and leasing, Avison Young.

He added that the space science and technology sector is attracting a considerable amount of inward investment to Scotland’s Central Belt.

“And that links in with our infrastructure, which, which in the last 12-18 months is starting to really kind of ramp up from an international perspective,” Broad told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts.

But it is not just space technology. Other areas are gathering momentum too such as aerospace and composite materials, health tech and life sciences and the renewable market. “Everything seems to be interconnected,” Broad added.