‘Resilience’ key to property’s ability to recover from crises

As recent events have shown, a crisis can change the useability of a property in minutes, says Dr Philipp Schott, Manager, Real Estate, PwC Legal.

Talking to Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts he explained that ESG concepts should now include a new criteria: resilience.

Schott says resilience is a measure of the ability of individuals or buildings to cope with a crisis or disaster and then return to normal. Resilience in the real estate sector is the ability to get a city working or functioning again.

This is partly about ensuring that damage does not occur in the first place, but once it has it measures the response to a crisis and, finally, the ability to recover.

Schott says the Covid crisis showed that long-established work concepts quickly become outdated and new use concepts are needed quickly. “Recovery needs flexibility,” he adds.

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