Research indicates gap in boomer housing provision

Quality of life is ageless according to Henning Weiss, co-founder of The Embassies of Good Living, which was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, two years ago with the aim of changing the narrative of how people grow old.

“Whilst looking at the current state of the senior living market we realised that there’s a huge gap between 60 and the entrance age into a care or nursing home, 84.”

“There’s literally no products in Europe serving the needs of the boomer generation moving into that age group and we have come into the game to create a product which so far doesn’t exist in the market,” Weiss said.

“We did a survey within our target group and we have a waiting list of 1,500 people at the moment,” he added.

On average, people on the list said they envisaged moving into an Embassies facility between the ages of 60 and 64. Futhermore, 65% said they would be moving in as a couple. “I think that clearly shows that we are creating, at least from the perspective of where we are at the moment, an aspirational product where people really want to go to and are not being forced,” Weiss said.

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