Report: Brexit’s affect on real estate – what are your views?

Real Asset Media is planning to publish an ambitious report on the impact of Brexit for which contributing editor James Wallace is undertaking research. He wants your input.

Wallace will be looking at the effects of Brexit across the industry gauging how it will affect the different real estate sectors, investment and capital flows. He stresses that it will not be a recapitulation of the arguments for and against Brexit.

“We are looking for nuanced changes and the challenges that might emerge and we want to hear from people what the solutions might be,” Wallace told RAM’s Richard Betts.

Another aim of the report is to disentangle the effects of Brexit from those of the Covid pandemic.

Among the questions he will be asking is what the property markets are expecting from the financial service memorandum of understanding? And what can the city of London do to maintain its position as the world’s pre-eminent financial centre?

Click on the video to watch the full interview or listen via the podcast below.

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