Realcast: Slice of the action for sandwiches, events gather pace, cities sustain attention

In the spotlight this week:

While a sandwich chain secures £100 million for expansion in five countries, despite the pandemic’s effects on city centre trade, US asset manager Ardent signs more leases at Touchwood Shopping Centre in UK’s West Midlands.

The Completely retail marketplace event attracts well over 2,000 people – one of the bigger recent events. Meanwhile, the RLI Awards ceremony black-tie event saw 200 turn out.

And, as a new extension of London’s Northern Line tube opens, experts at Real Asset Media’s event, Repurposing City Centres, concurred that cities are going to become more polycentric in post-pandemic Europe as people rediscover their neighborhoods and the convenience of the 15-minute city.

Glasgow is in the spotlight host to COP26, but also because of its own sustainability initiatives. While the ULI publishes a 10-point guide to building resilient cities, Mark Capital Management announces its plans to launch a sustainable Paris-focused regeneration platform, and CBRE Global Investors rebrands.

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