Realcast: EXPO Real numbers up, c-suite takes on ESG, Ukraine builds back better

Real Asset Insight was at EXPO Real last week, back in its customary October slot. Numbers were up and the stands and aisles were busy.

Nicol Dynes, Real Asset Insight: “There was a real dichotomy between the fact that the fundamentals of the real estate market are still incredibly strong, especially in sectors like residential, student housing, logistics and …but obviously there’s a lot of concern about interest rates going up about inflation and what is going to happen.”

Richard Betts, Real Asset Media:  “We did a number of things around ESG sustainability liveability and energy came through in all of those as a high priority for everybody. They are beginning to look far more at total cost of real estate rather than just the rents and there is a lot of talk around self-sufficiency in terms of energy, for example in the logistics sector.”

Guillaume Turcas, Faro Capital Partners: “There’s a tremendous opportunity to turn stock into workable assets because even assets delivered four or five years ago don’t have the level of certification that today’s tenants want.

“Second, for the last four or five years it was really hard to lose money when you were doing real estate because every quarter, yield were compressing …now we’re we’re just getting back to a kind of normal situation where if you’re value-add you get value-add risk, if you are core you get core risk and you have to adapt and to adjust to the new ECB rates and new bank rates…a couple of quarters ago everyone was chasing the same thing and it was really hard to understand what the strategy was.”

Richard Stephens, Poland Today: “The Ukrainian sessions were very interesting…the rebuilding has already started and, according to the speakers, the residential market is getting on. But Ukraine is relying on the international community.

“There’s also a chance for building back in a really sustainable way. It was very much focused on the positive side of things – obviously it’s very difficult there at the moment but they were looking to the future and there are some real moves to finance reconstruction.”

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