RealCast: Distressed loans, French logistics, Amazon in Poland, coworking will be key

Marta Moksa, Dan Innes, Paul Strohm and Richard Betts

In the spotlight this week:

Do UK bank NatWest’s plans to sell off a £550 million portfolio of distressed property loans, mainly attached to shopping centres, herald a round of distressed loan sales?

In the UK government plans to allow the conversion of shops to residential without the need for planning permission are meeting resistance.

But, no such measures seem likely to be required in the logistics property market where rent collection rates are in some cases 100%. The sector is recruiting too, and there has been a spate of deals activity in France. Meanwhile, in Poland, Amazon has announced its 10th fulfilment centre is underway following the launch of

Poland is also attractive as outsourced business process are “nearshored” and a new report compares the relative merits of Poland’s cities . The results may surprise.

Strange times in the coworking business, however. Flexible offices and coworking may be essential to post-Covid recovery and the return to work, but in the interim, many coworking businesses are struggling to survive. Features that distinguish the survivors include: providing private offices; creating a sense of community; and meeting niche demand such as women-only coworking.

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