Proptech to the rescue as occupiers rethink ‘the office’

Occupiers have refined their physical space requirements as the post-pandemic return to the office gets underway.

When looking at office layouts, the priorities include more open space within the office, more breakout areas and multi-use space. Occupiers also want more touchdown space and areas that allow creation and collaboration. “It is more about appealing with the sort of the working-from-home type environment, more of the home comforts,” said Ben Vinten, head of platform at proptech company Configure.

Vinten explained that Configure is an online proptech marketing platform that allows landlords to market their space and tenants to engage with the design of their office, enabling them to procure bespoke space.

“The platform is an easy way for landlords to market the space and for tenants to lease a space that’s bespoke to them, to fit it out. It brings landlords and tenants together and it bridges the gap between the security of traditional leasing with the convenience of a serviced offering,” he said.

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