Positive outlook for Poland as list of FDI projects increases

Poland’s recent foreign direct investment record provides a great story, according to Paweł Żelich, partner and head of the Warsaw office of law firm Noerr. He said that the firm is currently ranked 16th in the world.

Speaking to Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts, he said investments from high profile companies such as Mercedes, Intel which is investing $4.6 billion, EV battery maker Ionway which is investing €1.7 billion, have contributed to an impressive total.

Meanwhile, the decoupling of supply chains in the East and the processes of friendshoring and nearshoring are also positive for Poland, he said.

However, in the property market more widely there has been a fall in the volume of transactions in Poland and this trend is likely to persist for nine to twelve months. Żelich said if the negative trend does persist, other opportunities are likely to emerge, such as distressed assets.

A further big hope for the real estate sectir though is the continued expansion of the private rented sector residential market.