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Picking projects and partners next stage in climate struggle

The battle against climate change has moved from asking what has to be done to the delivery phase, according to Kit England, Green Economy Manager, Glasgow City Council.

The city of Glasgow is in the process of translating climate change investment needs into actual projects. “Things like our Glasgow Green investment prospectus that we’ve been launching are really starting to say not just ‘what do we as a city council spend our money on’, but ‘how do we steward wider private capital into the projects, programs and activities that are going to transform our city’,” England said.

“Partnership is going to be absolutely crucial,” he added while talking to Real Asset Insights Richard Betts. “Working collaboratively with the private sector to develop the right business models that allow us to mobilise the funds into mitigation and adaptation as quickly as possible and at significant scale.”

Click on the video above to watch the full interview or listen to the podcast below.