‘No dramatic shift away from offices’

Jarek Morawski, Director, Research and Analysis, Grosvenor

In an interview with the Real Asset Day, Jarek Morawski, Director, Research and Analysis, at Grosvenor sees Covid-19 acting as an accelerator of office trends rather than a fundamental shift.

He says working from home was already increasing before the pandemic: ‘It’s just accelerating what we’ve been seeing for many years and, in that sense, most of our expectations about locations and attractiveness of offices as an investment are not massively affected by it.’

Morawski sees the need to ‘adjust more quickly’ but the concerns of people flooding away from offices as over-exaggerated. ‘There will probably be more structural changes about locations, types of offices, types of floor plates, and the way you use offices rather than a dramatic shift away.’

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