New investor interest puts pressure on ‘beds’ assets

As investor interest turns increasingly to alternative asset classes such as senior living and healthcare, Mozaic Asset Management president Frédéric Dib questions what the impact is likely to be on a sector where assets are in short supply and the volumes required are likely to be high.

During the health crisis investors in the traditional and larger sector of real estate such as offices and retail started to look at potential diversification. “We’ve seen keener interest not only from the investors already in that space, but also from investors that we did not used to see because they were in office and retail core markets but also non-european investors from China, the US or the Middle East,” he explained to Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts.

“US investors tend to come looking for for mass,” he said. “What is going to be the impact of all that increased and additional interest in a sector where product is more scarce?” he asked.