Need to connect will drive coworkers back to the office

While Covid 19 and the restrictions to control it have preoccupied companies for much of the last year, the urge to collaborate is strong and coworking remains the solution for many smaller businesses.

And although knowledge workers have shown that they can work in a range of locations, from home to the beach, and this may continue to some extent post-Covid, it is not possible to do all work remotely because so much business requires engagement with other people, according to Marta Moksa, MD, Coworking 04, Olivia Business Centre.

“I believe that people are not supposed to work from home or cafés all the time because it is impossible to create something ‘out of the box’ this way,” said Moksa.

Talking to Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts she said that the majority of her clients are small businesses and their main goal is to find business partners. Research has shown that around 70% of Olivia Centre coworking clients are engaged to some degree in collaborative working with other coworkers at the centre, she said.

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