Iberia becoming investment haven as tourism picks up

It is an auspicious moment for Portugal and Spain whose tourism industries have received a boost over the summer and whose location, as far west from the war in Ukraine as one can travel in Europe, is proving an advantage

“Portugal and Spain have performed very well during the summer,” said António Gil Machado, director of publisher Iberian Property. “This has an economic impact and investor sentiment is very positive, both for Spain but particularly for Portugal,” he added.

Iberian Property is staging the Portugal Real Estate Summit on 21 and 22 September in Estoril. “We are almost fully booked,” he said. The room holds 350 people and most of them will be foreign investors who are showing a huge interest in investing in Portugal, Gil Machado said. The panel will include Pedro Siza Vieira, former minister of state, economy and digital transition. The sessions will look at how Portugal and Spain could become an investment haven in turbulent times, he explained.

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