High quality through building life cycle vital for sustainability

A key aspect of achieving sustainability goals is ensuring that the quality of design is carried through into a building project.

So says Peter Barker, head of design management at McLaughlin & Harvey Construction.

“We’re seeing buildings that are more thermally efficient and more air tight and even a small deficiency can have a big impact on the actual energy output of that building.

Speaking to Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts he said that once the building is in operation, maintaining the level of quality is even more important. “Throughout the building’s life cycle certain elements will need replacing, instruments will need to be maintained.”

He cited the filters in air handling systems. “If filters clog up they don’t operate efficiently and start to use higher energy.”

“Quality needs to start at inception and work its way right through the life cycle in order for the building to keep making and meeting the targets set.”

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