Growing elderly needs cement healthcare property demand

The proportion of elderly people is increasing throughout Europe and beyond and their needs are expanding according to Cofinimmo’s COO offices and real estate development Yeliz Bicici.

This and the increase in the cases of ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are increasing. All of this will contribute to the solidity of the care sector.

Bicici explains that the healthcare industry is fundamentally solid in each country but, depending on the source of finance for new projects or funding for the care of residents, some countries the business model in some countries is consolidating more quickly and less so in others.

Some countries have stocks of nursing homes or hospitals but “there might be a challenge in the future to improve those asset classes as well, since care, or the need for care is getting more and more specialised.”

“Our main focus should be the quality of life of the residents themselves,” she added.

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