GLP’s renewable energy plans for logistics space take shape

Logistics real estate specialist GLP is launching a series of initiatives around renewable energy and the energy transition, particularly driven by customers’ need for cheap, clean electricity on the sites that the firm manages.

“We also are a fund manager so we are looking at creating a strategy around renewable energy that could be put together in investment vehicles and marketed to institutional and infrastructure investors as a unique selling proposition around the decarbonisation of logistics,” explained GLP senior director renewable energy Europe at GLP, Stefano Fissolo.

The company has 8.5 million sq m in 10 European countries has been looking at creating on-site renewable energy using warehouse roof space in particular, but also land and car parks next to buildings in order to produce renewable electricity for on-site consumption.

“When possible, we will couple this with storage, with electrification of transport, electrification of heating, all needs that our customers have to decarbonise their operations,” Fissolo said.

There are projects underway in every country in which GLP is present and the first of them will be completed soon.