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Few worries for cycle-agnostic PBSA sector

Will Rowson the new CEO of purpose built student accommodation provider GSA explains to Real Asset Insight “the wind is at our backs”, in terms of attracting global capital.

“It is a great mandate to have when capital is flowing towards the student accommodation sector,” he said adding that in any case, the trend is towards alternative asset classes.

He explained that part of the attraction is that the sector is “cycle agnostic” and in the case of a large international operator such as GSA which spans the world, the added diversification increases the attraction.

The market is also far from fully developed. Although mature with approximately 30 years of development under its belt, Rowson explains that there are some markets whose immaturity in terms of PBSA would surprise you.

“Our task is to work out where the low hanging fruit is,” he adds.

Click on the video to watch the full interview or listen via the podcast below.