EXPO Real: Institutions switch asset focus from sheds to beds

For the first time in a number of years, logistics has not been recorded as the most sought after asset class and there has been a shift of focused to bed-based assets.

“Whether that’s PRS, student accommodation, retirement living, there is a real focus on the bed sector,”said Clare Thomas, Partner, CMS, speaking at the EXPO Real International Investors Lounge.

CMS has carried out a survey of the real estate sector for the last ten years and Thomas said this shows that many institutions are now looking at alternatives such as build-to-rent where they were traditionally focused mainly on offices and retail.

The survey also asked 15,000 global investors what they wanted from their towns and cities. “We were keen to see how that has changed post covid,” Thomas said adding that there are clear themes “People want open spaces, they want sustainability. They’re worried about the High Street and the number of empty shops.”

She added that half of real estate professionals are worried that the UK government’s levelling up agenda will not work. The survey asked who should be doing the work of reinventing cities and over half of respondents said they think investors and developers are best placed to reinvent cities.

“The key is balancing what consumers want from their cities in terms of open space, sustainability, and what will create returns for the investment community.”

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