ESG like a wave – ride it or get washed away: Palmira Capital

Palmira Capital Partners started looking at ESG in 2019 explains Alexander Hoff, the company’s founder and managing partner.

“The way we looked at it, it was pretty much like a wave: you could either ride it or you just get washed away,” he said.

Palmira thought that ESG would have a major impact because of the regulations that it generated.”The Dutch were at the front of it. You had to apply measures pretty early.”

Hoff said that the firm did not want to rely on external advisors so built its own ESG team and a renewable energy investment company. It also applied its own idea of a proper ESG strategy.

“There’s all the technical components, like solar power, LED lighting,” Hoff said, adding that the company even plants flowers, keeps bees and produces honey to send to its investors.

“That’s just a minor bit! We define strategies on certain classes of tenants to give it a framework and you won’t find that framework in the market.”

“We had totally thought through and well defined ESG strategies to present to investors in our funds.”

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