ESG key to future-proofing logistics developments: LCube

Developing logistics buildings with ESG in mind is essential because doing so helps future proof assets, according to Adrian Biesaga, head of development and a board member of Polish developer LCube.

“If the building is created with an ESG strategy it means that it will have energy efficient solutions, it will provide value for the tenant and it will be a building which provides well-being solutions also for the client’s employees,” Biesaga told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts.

“And it will be a building which actually will keep its value or even grow in value in the future,” he added

L Cube tends to focus on Poland’s core markets but is not afraid of more emerging locations, such as the country’s south-east region.

The company also concentrates on tailor-made buildings for occupiers and adopts a holistic approach to development.

“We know how to listen, we know how to focus on needs and we can provide a solution which will be the most efficient,” he said.

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