ESG focus shifting towards implementation: Scape chief

Discussions heard during MIPIM, staged in Cannes last week, revealed that ESG has moved from the theoretical, to a desire to act now, according to Mark Robinson​, Group Chief Executive, Scape Group.

Scape’s role is to procure the UK public sector’s built environment work in areas including consultancy, construction, civil engineering and infrastructure.

Robinson told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts that Scape’s clients want to implement ESG measures now. “They’re sick of talking about it, they want to actually do something. They recognise that the 2030 targets, the 2050 targets, are never going to be achieved unless we start doing something now,” he said.

And he said that there needs to be co-ordination between real estate and infrastructure, especially in cities.

“There’s been a recognition that working in collaboration across all sectors is vitally important and if you are going to really regenerate an area and do it in a sustainable way, you’ve got to have a joined-up approach to infrastructure, to transport, to construction, otherwise it will not work.”