ESG an APAC priority but Europe’s best practice sought

ESG and sustainability is being prioritised in the APAC region, Christiane Conrads, Global Real Estate ESG Leader at PwC explains, because it is regarded there as one of the severe risks that real estate faces.

Conrads was speaking to Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts after an investment briefing session staged in Singapore towards the end of last year.

Discussions during the briefing also revealed that property investors in the APAC region are looking to Europe for examples of best practice for how best to deal with ESG transformation, and how to find individual solutions that work for them but also for their stakeholders.

“We discussed the taxonomy regulation, what it actually means for European investors investing in Asia and looking for taxonomy-compliant properties.”

And she added: “More and more tenants have implemented their own ESG strategies and now have very specific requirements when it comes to building construction, operation but also maybe with regard to the tenant mix and the requirements for other tenants.”

Knowledge sharing is important and “collaboration is the new competition”, Conrads added.

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