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Energy sector at ‘inflection point’ in race to restructure

The energy infrastructure sector is at an interesting inflection point according to Alejandro Ciruelos, managing director, renewable energy at Sustainable Development Capital.

While much of the focus of investment capital has been power generation, particularly using wind and solar energy, over the next decade the power generation sector will continue to decarbonise and the rate of growth will double. “It’s a very interesting time to be part of that journey,” Ciruelos said.

“Obviously there are traditionally well-established technologies like onshore wind and solar that would continue to play a key role, but also we see new technologies that are maturing, like offshore wind, playing a very important role.”

The intermittency of solar and wind energy mean other technologies are needed to ensure stable 24-hour power, so battery storage and hydrogen could provide solutions while household gas could be replaced with electricity, heat pumps, biogas or other alternatives.

And it is a sector that both investors and corporates are becoming enthusiastic investors.

Click on the video above to watch the full interview or listen to the podcast below.