Energy saving paying back with rent and capital uplifts

Recent research indicates that not only has the Covid crisis accelerated the pace of adoption of ESG but that energy compliance leads to increases in both rental and capital values.

The survey was carried out by ESG-focused data intelligence company Deepki whose mission is to accelerate real estate’s environmental transition. The company’s CEO and co-founder Vincent Bryant points to four main challenges to this process.

Firstly, access to the right data is not easy, second is to ensure that data is reliable, Third is to assess the impact and know where to invest and lastly is to implement the capex plan that is devised. “It’s not that easy because, today, clearly one of the biggest bottlenecks is in the ability of the industry to implement actions, refurbishment and so on, to make it happen,” he told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts.

“Our job at Deepki is to help customers – investors and asset managers – to implement these ESG strategies and climate change strategies,” he said. The company achieves this using a data platform to build a comprehensive overview of a portfolio, build capex plans and then measure the impact on their assets, “to make sure that there is no brand discounting of the assets”.

“More and more customers are willing to tackle this issue quite quickly,” Bryant said.

One indicator of the increasing commitment to improving the built environment’s energy performance is Deepki’s own growth – one of the company’s first challenges for 2022 is to recruit 200 people in Europe and the US.

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