Drive for Well certification as owners turn to the’S’ in ESG

The social aspects of ESG are increasingly a preoccupation for the real estate sector in Poland and other CEE countries and are now among the important corporate metrics alongside financial reporting according to Skanska’s head of divestments CEE Adrian Karczewicz.

Speaking to Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts during the recent CEE Summit organised by Real Asset Media and Poland Today, Karczewicz explained that Skanska has already sought Well certification for most of its buildings in CEE. “I think we have 100,000 sq m GLA already certified in central Europe so we are probably one of the pioneers,” he explained.

Karczewicz said that it is important to remember that in contrast to much certification Well is about the social aspects of ESG.

Social considerations of building use have taken on particular significance in CEE during the last two months, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Skanska has been at the forefront of the corporate humanitarian response in Warsaw. The company has just transformed two floors of one of its CBD buildings earmarked for development into a refugee shelter with capacity for 500 people, providing bathrooms, kitchens and play areas.

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming refugees in Warsaw to our Ilmet building,” Karczewicz said.

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