Do smarter buildings always have bigger ‘quality gaps’?

The “quality gap” in buildings, the difference between how they should perform and how they perform in practice, is typically 10% to 20%  but it can be much more than that, especially if they are more technically complex, says Stefan Plesser, owner and managing director of Synavision.

Talking to Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts, Plesser explains that his company produces software that is designed to address quality management issues in buildings, and he is particularly targeting the smart buildings of the future.

“There are tremendous problems in buildings right now,” Plesser says. Energy efficiency is one obvious challenge. So too is the maintenance of air quality which can affect health and wellbeing and is of particular relevance during the current crisis.  

Plesser says there is a tendency to “over engineer” buildings to try and make them more sustainable, which can make them more challenging still.

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