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Data and engineering hybrid offers fresh insight to office use

Netherlands-based software company Spaceti and Irish firm Ethos Engineering announced a partnership during MIPIM, which is aiming at designing buildings for performance, a process for which large amounts of data are required.

Ethos Engineering director Brian Coogan explained that this process is about measurement and understanding how a building operates. “There’s lots of data sets we need to achieve that,” he told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts.

The process combines real time data, historic data and applies predictive algorithms in order to optimise the use of a building, he said.

Spaceti co-founder and CEO Max Verteletski said the pandemic has blurred the lines as far as office use is concerned because many people are working from home for some of the time and the mode of use within offices has changed. “We are providing an insight into what is actually happening: Are meeting rooms being utilised to the right degree? Do we need to add more because the office is transforming into a collaboration and innovation space? Can we save energy by shutting down HVAC systems in a specific zone?

Making these sorts of analyses also have the potential to make building use more sustainable, they said.

Click on the video above to watch the full interview or listen to the podcast below.