Cutting a quarter of energy use is a good start in climate fight

A more efficient use of energy can make substantial savings without the need to replace boilers or rip out heating and air handling systems.

Proptech company Dabbel Automation Intelligence aims to achieve reductions that average 26% without adding large numbers of additional sensors or replacing boilers.

“We operate this equipment in a much more efficient way with software,” said Dabbel Automation Intelligence’s founder and CEO Abel Samaniego.

“We basically operate the same infrastructure in a better way without the need of any kind of additional sensors or hardware in the buildings and any kind of disruption.”

Typically, the company handles buildings such as offices, hotels, hospitals and schools. Because this is done remotely, the company can operate assets all over the world.

“The most important thing is, you can have a real impact and a reduction in less than four weeks,” Samaniego told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts.

Dabbel is already administering energy on millions of square metres of space, reducing energy consumption by an average of about 26%, which Samaniego said is a good first step in the fight against climate change and achievement of ESG goals.

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