Consolidated view helps stake- holders read pulse of property

Providing real asset stakeholders with a consolidated view that cuts across a broad range of parameters covering financial, social and environmental effects can provide clients with a better steer on how their asset is performing and help identify appropriate action.

The need for such a view has been the driver behind the development of the Pulse proptech app.

“Our ethos as a company has always been around enhancing stakeholder experience and driving positive impact in in commercial value,” said Alex Avery, CEO of Pragma Consulting, which is behind Pulse.

“We’ve seen the wider role that that we can play in helping our stakeholders understand the impact of their assets across a wider set of KPIs.”

Avery said the key opportunity is linking dimensions through one clear and easy to interpret dashboard.

He said that Pulse aggregates different components relevant to stakeholder reporting requirements and corporate strategy and can be used to report to shareholders and an executive board as well as to day-to-day asset managers or occupiers, “so that everyone’s really aligned to the same set of metrics and principles”.

Historically, one of the challenges has been that people are working to different agendas, using  different information. Also information is being looked at in siloed departments, one perhaps focused on commercial considerations, another on environmental factors, Avery explained.

“Social is probably the least well understood and is still quite an evolving area, but the benefit of Pulse is that it brings things together in a clear and easy to understand platform that is relevant for stakeholders across the ecosystem.”

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