Collaboration needed to action energy saving targets: BNPPRE

There is a big opportunity to target the race to net zero carbon at the same time as pursuing energy performance certificates says Josh Spencer, sustainability transformation manager, BNP Paribas Real Estate. “While EPCs are not a perfect measurement for understanding energy, and needs to change to more of an in-use intensity target, nonetheless there’s still an opportunity there from what I’m seeing with the leading clients that I work with, is that a lot have made a good start by doing net zero audits on their buildings or portfolios.”

Spencer said that the real challenge now is delivering results.

“There’s a lot of target setting a going on, now it’s fundamentally down to action.”

He said the biggest area of opportunity is collaboration.

“If you want a net-zero building, whether that’s in operation, embodied carbon, or whole life, you’re going to need a consistent and core team of people throughout the building’s life cycle to make sure that you’re considering every element from start to finish.”

He said construction and real estate’s traditional silos are breaking down now. Traditionally there are rigid divisions, “I do this, you do that” with no overlap.

“We need to be more closely connected, more strongly related to what each other does,” he said.

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