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Collaboration key to meeting real estate sector challenges

Sébastien Chemouny, Chair of ULI France and Head of France at Allianz Real Estate

As the new Chair of ULI France, Sébastien Chemouny, Head of France at Allianz Real Estate, tells the Real Asset Day that he has three main priorities: increase customer value by focusing on content, further enhance the reputation of ULI France and grow the membership.

Chemouny sees collaboration and sharing insights as key to meeting the challenges in the industry, not least those trends accelerated by COVID-19; sustainable development, digitisation and how cities work with buildings.

A key focus will also be on the future of the industry including the Young Leaders and Next Generation. This is reflected in the ULI France conference on 12 November which focuses on the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, how to make the investment financially viable and how to create the right heritage for the future.

You can watch the video of the full interview or download and listen to the podcast: