Challenging economics are chance for expertise to shine

There will be a recovery in investment starting at the end of this year according to Hideki Kurata, head of real estate France and head of living strategies at Schroders Capital, but it will be phased differently across the cities and asset classes, he told Real Asset Insight.

“The next 6 to 12 months could see very different dynamics and timing since there is not one single market,” he added.

The recovery, “will obviously be preceded by further repricing in certain asset classes in certain countries, or stabilisation in others,” Kurata said.

Schroders Capital Real Estate is present in 16 countries and has 16 offices and 260 employees in those locations. “We’re keen on all of the geographies in which we are present and we’re very excited to continue to asset manage those assets and in the future to really continue to expand in those markets.

Kurata said it is necessary to be prudent as the macroeconomic environment is clearly still challenging but this also provides a lot of opportunities for regeneration of existing assets in order to reposition them.

“Highlighting the fact that at Schroders Capital Real Estate we are focused on operational excellence and expertise, this environment actually helps us demonstrate that, with this operational expertise, we currently protect value and, in the future, create value.”