‘By next year healthcare will be on every investor’s radar screen’

Ron van Bloois, Partner, HEVO

There is real momentum behind the healthcare sector and in the Netherlands investors from all over the world are shifting to what has become a mainstream asset class which offers increasing ticket sizes and portfolio deals, Ron van Bloois, lecturer at Amsterdam School of Real Estate and Partner, HEVO, told Real Estate Day. 

‘By next year healthcare will be on every investor’s radar screen and it will be the main subject of conversation at MIPIM 2020,’ he said. ‘It is becoming a very interesting sector for international institutional investors, because ticket sizes are increasing and we are now moving from single asset deals to portfolio deals’.

Investors are coming into the Dutch market from all over the world, van Bloois said: ‘We see capital from listed companies in the US, but also from Germany, France, the UK, the Nordics and elsewhere’.

Investors and healthcare operators are getting together to join forces for their mutual benefit and also to ‘make a positive impact on the sector as well as providing a good service to the vulnerable people who need it and making their lives better’, he said.

On the one hand, there are operators who have a large-scale real estate portfolio and face a big challenge to upgrade or refinance because ‘they don’t have the money to do it’, said van Bloois. ‘On the other hand we see a growing number of investors who are shifting to healthcare which used to be an alternative asset class but has now become mainstream. That’s why the healthcare sector has such momentum’. 

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