Business services widen Pomerania’s port profile

With the port of Gdansk at its heart, the Pomerania region has a maritime heritage that is still highly relevant today.

The city is important because it has one of only two deep-water container terminals on the Baltic, but both it and the wider region have also diversified beyond their role as a gateway to Europe.

As Marcin Grzegory, deputy director, Invest in Pomerania, explained to Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts, for the last seven years the burgeoning business services sector has dominated the region’s economy.

The region has attracted world renowned companies such as Amazon, Boeing and Intel, which has located its largest R&D centre outside the US in Pomerania. The area has become known for innovation in technology, aerospace and artificial intelligence but few people perhaps appreciate that Amazon’s Alexa was originally developed by students of Gdansk’s university.

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