BioQuarter benefits extend well beyond Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Bio Quarter is preparing to launch its new prospectus during the first quarter of 2021, as Adam McVey, leader of Edinburgh City Council recently explained to Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts.

The publication will show investors how they can be part of a project that is providing solutions to some of the biggest problems that cities, organisations, governments and health services around the world currently face.

The BioQuarter is a collaboration between the council, government, the university, private sector and the National Health Service which McVey describes as “a melting pot of innovation and technology”.  He said that results are already evident but the future of the quarter has been mapped out for the next 50 years.

The benefits go beyond the new quarter and generate employment, infrastructure and innovation in the city. But the effects will spread much more widely. As McVey said, “it is not just about jobs in Edinburgh it is about innovation and solutions to problems that the whole world is experiencing.”

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